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What am I Doing Wrong in Backstroke?


Hi my name is Tito, I’m training to be a lifeguard but my only problems are my endurance due to my asthma and when it’s time to backstroke I have to use a ten pound weight and almost immediately I sink. What am I doing wrong? I try to keep my chest up as high as I can to prevent my head from rising but even that makes me sink.


Hi Tito, Swimming is a great form of exercise for people with asthma so I strongly advise you to keep swimming at least 3 times a week as this will help you tremendously.

In regards to your backstroke, I am not sure if you mean that you literally put a ten pound weight on your body when swimming (because this will make most people sink) or that you are having problems staying high in the water in backstroke.  To stay along the top of the water in backstroke you will need to keep your hips up just below the water level and kick your legs and feet hard so that they also remain just below the water level.

When you are pulling in backstroke, make sure you pull around the side so that you move forward rather than pushing down towards the bottom as this will make you go up and down alot.

Also keep your head back and looking up to the sky or roof as this will help bring the hips and feet upwards.

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