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nose clip in swimming

Wearing a Nose Clip in Swimming


Hi Gary,

If I swim with a nose clip, does that mean I can’t do the freestyle flip?

During allergy season, breathing through my nose in the pool exacerbates symptoms. I am also trying to learn the flip. So I’m hoping I can flip while exhaling through the mouth … but I’m not sure.



Hi Diana,

Yes, you can definetely do a flip turn when you are wearing a nose clip, in fact for many swimmers it is easier because you don’t have to blow out through your nose while you are doing the flip turn.

As a swimmer, I wore a nose clip for the majority of my training and the major areas it helped me was with underwater butterfly kick on my back and with flip turns.

In the turn, because I didn’t have to blow air out of my nose as I flipped over, I was able to swim an extra stroke off the wall before I took my first breath, so it was actually an advantage.

Nose clips are quite common among swimmers and particularly those who have problems with sinusitis.


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