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Time to Join a Swimming Club?

Our almost 8 year old son has been taking private learn to swim lessons, and is competent in the water, but needs to go to the next level, which I am assuming is learning / training to swim lengths of the pool.

What should I be looking for? Is this a club activity or a swimming school or either?

What is appropriate for an 8 year old?

Every 8 year will be different because each child develops at a different rate.

If your son is interested in taking his swimming to another level it may be worth talking to your local swimming club to see whether they have any mini squads for 8 year olds.

Many swim schools are linked to swimming clubs so an enquiry at your swim school may assist you.

Please be aware that there are some swim schools who will want to retain your son in the swim school for as long as possible (for business reasons) so if he is clearly one of the stronger swimmers in the swim school, it would be a good idea to approach your local club.

A list of Australian Clubs can be found at www.swimclub.com.au

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