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The Art of Triathlon Swimming

I often get asked about the swim leg in a triathlon.  While the swim leg is the shortest leg in a triathlon, it can also set you up for the rest of the race. So many triathletes are strong in the ride and the run however many triathletes struggle to do the swim in a fast enough time and without using up too much energy.

Swimming on a regular basis is a key to improving your swim time in a triathlon. Preferably your swimming is done in a structured program with a coach providing feedback and drills to complete.  Many triathletes coach themselves and would benefit from regular feedback from a swim coach.

The Art of Triathlon Swimming features two of the world’s leading triathletes and fastest swimmers, Clayon Fettell and Annabel Luxford.  It looks closely at all the different aspects of becoming a better swimmer in preparation for a triathlon.  Conserving energy for the bike and run is one of the most important topics covered and how to swim in a pack is another.

Brenton Ford has coached thousands of swimmers and triathletes and has put together a great program for triathletes at all levels.

The skills and drills discussed by Brenton and Australian Swim Team physiotherapist Helen Walker will assist triathletes of all ages and abilities to improve their swim time.

If you want to improve the swim leg in your triathlon then check out The Art of Triathlon Swimming today.


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