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Technique should be a focus for all young swimmers.

Technique should be a focus for all young swimmers.

My daughter is nearly years old.  She is a good freestyle and backstroke swimmer and wins regularly.  She trains twice a week for an hour.  They swim lengths virtually the whole session and by the end of the session she is nauseous.

The coach says building up strength is the best way of improving technique.  However she has come to really dislike it and wants to stop swimming.

We have met another coach who disagrees with such an approach and wants to teach her in a 10 meter pool twice a week and concentrate on technique.  He has a good reputation but I wanted to ask if this is inappropriate for a potentially talented swimmer at this age.


It is a pity you can’t get a mixture of the two.

Technique is very important for young swimmers so some sessions focusing on technique over shorter distances would do no harm at all.  Technique should be a focus for all young swimmers.

It is also important however to build up her aerobic capacity and strength by swimming laps in a 25m and 50m pool and as she gets fitter she will be able to focus more on technique over the same distance.

My only word of caution is that there is no point swimming lengths the whole session if they are not done with correct technique and skills (starts and turns).




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