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Why is technique important in swimming?



I have a lot of stamina and my swimming coach tells me that I swim very fast but she tells me I have to improve techniques… in a race not speed is important??

why should I bother with techniques

Jean Claude


Hi Jean Claude,

It sounds like your swimming coach is a very good coach because without correct swimming technique, you will struggle to reach your potential.

While many swimmers are trained to be fit and fast, they will only reach a certain level of performance with stamina and speed.

If you want to maximise your results and get the best performances as you get older, you must focus on your technique and your racing skills, like starts, turns and finishes, now.

Correct technique is the foundation of every successful swimmer and without it, you may improve for a while but you will not be successful in the long term.

The number one priority for swimming coaches should be to teach and correct technique on a daily basis.  If your coach is encouraging you to focus in this area then please listen to them and work with them to improve your technique.

For some swimming tips on each of the four strokes see www.50SwimTips.com for a free eBook.

Best wishes


The Swimming Expert

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