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Parent Timekeeping Problem During a Meet

QUESTION: Hello, Recently I was told by my child’s swimming coach that I was not allowed to time keep my child from the grandstand during an event!!! Looking around at the time I saw many parents time keeping form the bleaches. This absolutely flummoxed me, for the past 15 years I have been a swimming […]

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Parent Attendance at Swim Meets

Many children want their parents to come along, support them and watch them race at swim meets. Some children may feel increased pressure if their parents are there and prefer to race without that pressure. Talk to your child and discuss how they feel when you attend their competitions. If they have any concerns, then […]

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Disasterous Swim Meet – How Can I Help?

QUESTION: Hi Gary,  I have just purchased your book and awaiting its arrival however I wish to ask you a question. I have a 13yr old daughter who has only been swimming for 4yrs.  She is a member of a local North East of England swimming club and until recently has been gradually lowering her […]

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