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How to use swimming to get fit at 43 years

QUESTION: Hi, I am 43 and have only recently started swimming. I am managing 20 x 20 mtr lengths in 20 mins and was wondering what I should be aiming for, to ensure I keep a reasonably high level of fitness. I have been constantly in the gym so my resting heart rate is between […]

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Dryland Training for Swimmers – SwimGymPro

Over the years I have watched many swimmers practice day in and day out to improve their swimming and admired their dedication and commitment to the sport. Many of you will know that I manage a large swimming program in Melbourne, Australia and in recent years, the Club’s swimmers have achieved outstanding results in many […]

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Cross Training for Swimming

Eliza is just 10 years old and has written to ask me what she can do for fitness work whilst living on a farm. She is only able to make it to practice twice a week because she lives so far away from a town with a pool and squad program. Listen to my response […]

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