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Educating Swimming Parents

There are so many different topics that swimming parents need to understand to help them to support the swimmer in their family. The second edition of Swimming for Parents will assist every swimming parent to provide the necessary support to help your child to be the best swimmer that they can be. Being a parent […]

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How far should a swimmer warm up?

QUESTION: Good Day Gary, Some of our swimmers ages 8yrs to 14yrs complain of fatigue, when its race time if the coach does a long warm up before the meet starts. What would you say would be basic or best warm up, prior to the start of the meet and the duration. Regards Robert ANSWER: […]

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New Swimming Book Just for Children

A new swimming book written specifically for competitive swimmers aged 8 to 14 yrs will be released in October 2014. Gary Barclay has spent the last year talking to swimming parents and children in this age range to find out what information is important to include in the book. Children aged 8 to 14 years […]

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Swimming and Rugby

QUESTION: Hi Gary, Re- swimming training: Are there any excercises that my son Liam would be doing for rugby league that would hinder  his swimming development. I understand that in athletics for instance, certain coaches suggest that swimming for example may counteract against a runners development – I believe that this is regards to certain […]

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Swimming Pool Too Hot?

QUESTION: Hi,   The current temperature at our swim centre is about 31.5deg.  There is talk about it increasing to about 33 as it also caters to hydrotherapy patients. My question is, with all of our squad swimmers (including my daughter) training for 1.5 hours at a time, and already complaining about the heat, are […]

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