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How to improve swimming times when stuck in a rut?

QUESTION: Hello Gary, I came across your website when searching for an answer to our big dilema related to our daughter’s swimming. Hopefully you can send me few lines response including ways how she can improve swimming times. We are from New Zealand and our daughter is 16, taller than 180cm and has a good […]

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How to improve my swimming?

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I was lucky enough to spend most of my childhood on a property with a large natural lake, spending 3-4 hours most summer days in the water. I never took any swimming lessons, and thought of myself as an accomplished swimmer because I was so comfortable in the water. When I went […]

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How to Improve your Swimming for a Triathlon

QUESTION: Hi Gary,  I have started competing in triathlons and am really enjoying them except for one thing – my swim leg. I am a reasonable swimmer, or at least I thought I was, however when I have done my first three triathlons I am coming out in the middle of the field and having […]

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