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Backstroke Technique – Head Position

Gary Barclay explains the correct head position when swimming backstroke. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay and we’re having a look at backstroke, and in particular we’re having a look at the head position in backstroke. Now one of the most common problems in backstroke is when a swimmer has their head too high in the water. […]

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Freestyle Technique – High Elbow Position

Gary Barclay explains the importance of a high elbow position in both the arm recovery and under water pull when swimming freestyle. For more swimming freestyle tips go to www.SwimFreestyleFast.com. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay. We’re going to have a look at one of the most common problems in freestyle, and that is where a swimmer drops […]

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How to Stop Bobbing Up and Down in Freestyle

  Question: Hi, in swimming freestyle, my child is bobbing up & down.  How can this be fixed? Thank you  J Answer: Bobbing up and down in freestyle is a common problem for many young (and not so young) swimmers. The most common reason swimmers bob up and down is because when the hand is […]

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