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Backstroke Technique – Rotation

Gary Barclay explains rotation of the shoulders and body in backstroke swimming. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and we’re going to have a look at one of the most common problems in backstroke. And that is the lack of rotation through the shoulders and through the body, through the axis of the body. So what happens […]

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Backstroke Technique – Head Position

Gary Barclay explains the correct head position when swimming backstroke. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay and we’re having a look at backstroke, and in particular we’re having a look at the head position in backstroke. Now one of the most common problems in backstroke is when a swimmer has their head too high in the water. […]

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What am I Doing Wrong in Backstroke?

QUESTION Hi my name is Tito, I’m training to be a lifeguard but my only problems are my endurance due to my asthma and when it’s time to backstroke I have to use a ten pound weight and almost immediately I sink. What am I doing wrong? I try to keep my chest up as […]

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