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Freestyle Stroke Correction

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I am wondering if you can help me out with my freestyle stroke? Something is going on with it which has slowed my 800m time from a 9:12 to a 9:29 (twice) – over a period of a month. I am 13yrs old. I have attached a link to a short movie […]

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Head Position in Freestyle

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My 15 year old son only has the benefit of school swimming for training, there being no dedicated swim squads where we live and nobody with sufficient knowledge to advise on stroke. I have noticed in his freestyle sprints that he seems to have moved to more of an open water stroke where […]

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How to Fix a Freestyle Shoulder Injury

QUESTION: Hi   I am 58 and have been swimming all my live unfortunately without any formal training. I have developed over the years a right shoulder injury due to only breathing to my left side. I have read all your articles related to breathing on both sides but still find it very difficult to […]

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Learning Freestyle

QUESTION: When starting to teach children freestyle arms and breathing could I please have your opinion whether we should teach 2,3 or 4 arms. Is there any reason why all swimmers should bilateral breath? Or can they breath two & four strokes and  be just as strong and smooth in the water as a bilateral swimmer?  […]

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Body Rotation in Freestyle

Gary, Congratulations on your website. It is great to encounter an intuitively designed and content rich site. Easier said than done of course! QUESTION: I have a small technical question on body rotation (a new concept to me): I find it easier to rotate when taking a breath. It tends to flow with the recovery […]

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How to Stop Bobbing Up and Down in Freestyle

  Question: Hi, in swimming freestyle, my child is bobbing up & down.  How can this be fixed? Thank you  J Answer: Bobbing up and down in freestyle is a common problem for many young (and not so young) swimmers. The most common reason swimmers bob up and down is because when the hand is […]

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Must Have Book for Parents of Competitive Swimmers

If you are a parent of a competitive swimmer you will love this informative book by Gary Barclay. The book covers all the most commonly asked questions from swimming parents. To buy your copy of this internationally best selling book go to http://www.swimmingforparents.com.

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Freestyle Technique – Correct Hand Entry

Gary Barclay explains the correct hand entry when swimming freestyle and why it is so important to get the entry right. For more swimming freestyle tips go to Improve Your 50m Freestyle. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and we’re going to have a look at the hand entry in freestyle. Now one of the most common […]

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Freestyle Technique – Correct Breathing Timing

Gary Barclay explains the correct time to turn your head to breathe when swimming freestyle. For more freestyle tips go to Improve Your 50m Freestyle. I’m Gary Barclay. And today I’m going to talk to you about one of the more  common problems in freestyle, and that’s incorrect breathing timing. In regards to the timing when […]

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