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Butterfly and Back Problems

QUESTION: Hi there! Please can you share your opinion of the age at which a child should start training in the Butterfly stroke. We have heard of children suffering from back problems later in life due to the fact that their little bodies are not able to adjust to a strong stroke like Butterfly during […]

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Learning Butterfly at 50 years of age

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I have learnt both breaststroke and freestyle for recreational and health reasons since 2010. In fact, swimming is a very effective sport to cure my knee pain and arthritis. I am 50 years old and have intention to learn butterfly. What is your advice and how should I do it progressively? Regards, […]

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How to Improve Timing in Butterfly

QUESTION: Hi Gary, My daughter 13 years old swims regularly for 6 sessions for 2 hours each session. Mostly the coach gives her sprints in  freestyle to develop her speed. Her main stroke is butterfly. She does as drill once a week. During  competitions she could not give best time in Butterfly.  For the past one […]

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