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Breaststroke arm recovery over the water

QUESTION: Hi Gary As a ‘Masters’ swimmer and coach I have been working on improving/changing my breaststroke style from the older square’ish style to more of an undulating style. It seems to be coming along alright and I wanted to say that I thought that your comments in the Breaststroke Technique email you sent out […]

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How to Improve Your Breaststroke Turns

QUESTION: Hi Gary, I am wanting some advice on turns as my 11 year old son has good times but his turns are slow for his breaststroke & freestyle. What can he do to improve his timing into and out of the turn. Thanks heaps, Ruth ANSWER: Hi Ruth, Breaststroke turns can be quite difficult […]

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Breaststroke – Correct Arm Recovery

Gary Barclay explains the correct way to recover your arms in the breaststroke pull. Hi, I’m Gary Barclay and we’re going to have a look at one of the major problems in breaststroke, and that is the arm recovery causing too much resistance. Now I’m sure we all know what resistance is. Resistance is when […]

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