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How Many Swimming Sessions for an 11 Year Old


How many times a week, should a 11 year old boy train swimming – if he is serious about training.

How long should the sessions be for?

Thanks Dina


Hi Dina,

The number of sessions an 11 year old boy should train from child to child.

In general I would say 3 to 4 times a week if they are taking part in competitions.  Some, with a good background from a young age, may even do 5 or 6 sessions per week, especially if they are taking the sport seriously.  Alot will depend also on whether they are playing another sport and what other activities they have in their life.

The training sessions would normally be 1 1/2 hours with some at 2 hours for more advanced 11 year olds.

This question (and many more) are answered quite comprehensively in the book www.SwimmingForParents.com.  I am sure this book would assist you greatly with your son in this area and many others.



The Swimming Expert


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