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Swimmer stuck on same time for a year


Hi Gary,

My son is 11 years and has been stuck for nearly a year on 33 seconds in 50 m freestyle.

He is desperate to get quicker, his stroke looks good & he tries really hard but it’s just not happening. He is currently in the relay team but is worrying he will loose his place if his time doesn’t start improving.

Any tips or advice you may have would be much appreciated.

Thanks Jayne


Hi Jayne,

Every swimmer will go through periods of time where their swimming times do not improve.  It may be that your son may be going through that phase right now.

My suggestion is that he continue to train on a regular basis and work on improving his technique and racing skills on a daily basis.

Often as children are growing, their body changes and becomes bigger and heavier, however they still may only have the same strength and power as they did before.  Until the addition muscle kicks in, their times may stagnate.  Often we see periods of time stagnation and then large drops in time.  The large drops come suddenly and are due to the accumulated training affect and an increase in body strength.

Maintaining a positive mindset is also important and there will be many times where your son will need positive encouragement from your family members and his coach.




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