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Supporting a 10 year old Talented Swimmer


Hi, This is a question about my 10 year old sister.

She excels in swimming, the best in her club for her age in butterfly and freestyle by far, she even has the best 50m Butterfly time for her age and gender in the state.

She regularly comes homes from races with a handful of medals and always gets picked for the representative teams. Earlier the year she was picked to be in the State team travelling to Sydney for the school sport Nationals.

The problem is she doesn’t really care that much, she doesn’t like getting up at 4:30am and all she wants to do is skip sets and socialise, which happens often. I really don’t want her to give up on her humongous ability. Is their things I can do to get her to love and enjoy it more?




Hi C,  Thanks for your question and I am very impressed that you have this concern for your younger sister.

Swimming is a hard sport and while most swimmers will go through periods where they will love participating in the necessary training sessions and competitions, they will also go through some tough times.

The requirement for swimmers to train before and after school can mean that the early morning training sessions can be a real challenge and at times may lead to decreased motivation if they are not really enjoying the training.

As a 10 year old, it is important that your sister has other interests apart from swimming.  It may be doing another sport once or twice a week or nothing to do with sport, like music, drama or another activity.

Probably the major thing you can do is to encourage her with her swimming and be there for her if ever she wants to talk to you about it. Encourage her to train hard and set goals that motivate her, and there is every chance you will help her through this period.

Unconditional love for your sister is the best thing you can do for her.



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