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Small breaks from swimming training are good

Breaks from swimming are good for youQUESTION:

My son has swum in squad from age 8 and he is now 13. How often should he have time out of the water and for how long?

He loves swimming but finds that by the end of each school term he is exhausted.

Also, what should he be doing during time out of water to maintain fitness?



Hi Jk,

My son is also 13 years and I can relate to what you are saying in regards to exhaustion at the end of each school term.

Age group swimmers should have regular breaks out of the water. Ideally 2 or 3 breaks a year of around 2 weeks each would be ideal however circumstances may mean that some breaks may be longer and some a bit less depending on pool availability and coaches philosophy.

We have found the breaks crucial for our son’s physical growth and each time he has had a break, his body has grown more.

During any time out of the water I would encourage him to rest and relax in the first week and then stay active a bit in the second week.


The Swimming Expert

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