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Returning to Swim Training After Injury or Illness


Hi,   My daughter is 10 and has competed since she was 8 with good times in all strokes especially fly and free. She has had about 2 months off as a result of Osgoods Schlatters and then an accident with her pony. She is now worried her times will not be as good as her friends in the squad and they will all move to the next squad without her. Is there anything specific she should be doing on returning to training as the coaches have just said do what you can.   Thanks   CS


Hi CS, The situation you find yourself in with your daughter is very similar to the one many swimmers come across during the junior swimming years.  From my experience if a swimmers aged 10 years has 2 months out of training, it will take them a good 2 months to get back into the full swing of training again.  Whilst their short term performances may not improve a period of 2 months out of the water due to injury or illness will make no difference in the long term.

The advice you have received from the coaches sounds pretty good to me and I encourage your daughter to keep working on her skills and fitness at each training session and she will be fine.

In regards to friends moving up squads, this will happen to every swimmer at some time and I strongly encourage your daughter to keep doing the work that her coaches are providing her and I am sure she will also be considered for a move to the next squad when she is ready.

Some of the specific things she can do in training is focus on her stroke technique, keep practising her skills like starts, turns and finishes, and rebuilding her aerobic fitness.

If you would like more advice on how you support your daughter’s journey in competition swimming go to www.SwimmingForParents.com.



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