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Nutrition for Swimmers (eBook)


For Junior and Age Group Swimmers
Gary Barclay & Megan McDonald

All children who participate in the sport of swimming can greatly benefit from sports nutrition. As swimming is based on strength, power, endurance and agility, a swimmer can eat a tailored diet based on their training and competition requirements.

As well as the benefits an athlete will enjoy from improving their sports nutrition habits, adolescence is also a great time to introduce and reinforce good overall nutritional habits for the future years. Nutrition for Swimmers is an ebook that can be used as a guide for families on what to eat when and specifically focuses on eating guidelines around swimming training and competition programs.

Great resource for parents new to the sport of competitive swimming.

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Parents from all over the world can now learn
what swimmers need to eat and when,
in this easy to read, informative and beautifully designed eBook.

Nutrition for Swimmers has all the information you have ever wanted
to assist a swimmer with their nutrition and hydration needs
in their day to day life.  It covers all facets of training and competition
and the associated food and drink required.

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Nutrition for Swimmers (eBook)

For Junior and Age Group Swimmers

Gary Barclay and Megan McDonald
ISBN:978-0-9872614-2-7 (eBook)
Format: ebook
First published in 2012

3 reviews for Nutrition for Swimmers (eBook)

  1. Julie T

    The book is great for someone new to swimming and little to no knowledge about nutrition.

  2. Mamta

    Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

    Nutrition for Swimmers – For Junior and Age Group Swimmers by Gary Barclay is a guide to swimmers on how to manage their diet. The author throws light on daily meal and snack ideas and tells how to chart out the day to day nutrition diet. The author has put together key facts, but he advises parents and children to consult a dietitian for personalized nutritional plans. As the author puts it, ‘Sports nutrition is the principle of tailoring specific food and fluid requirements to an athlete in order to maximize physical performance.’ That kind of sums up the book.

    The book is very useful and is very easily comprehended. There are a lot of recommendations for daily meals and snacks which is very useful for the swimmers’ baseline diet. The author has covered every angle that is useful to a swimmer.The author has also written the fluid diets separately. The food to consume after a training session, the diet plan, fluid diet, and how to prepare oneself before a competition and after a competition in terms of diet is also discussed in the book.

    I found the book very handy. I recommend all swimmers to own a copy of this book because it is helpful and it will help in bringing about a considerable change in their routine.

  3. Fiona

    It’s a great read, good ideas and suggestions

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