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Pacing a 100m Freestyle

Hi Gary,
My name is Sineth, working as a swimming coach in Sri Lanka. I have, age 13 – 15 years old girls and boys In my squad. Their holding 1:03.00 to 1:07.00 they (PB)100m freestyle times long cause meters.. My goal is to swim under 58:00 to 1:00.00 for them. I was planning this 06 months ago but some where I got stuck with my swimming. Now we have competition in April 1st week. Could you give me some tips to work this for me, thanks.
Just to get idea for you.  Our training program:
Monday             – full day off
Tuesday            – 5:00-7:00am LC       5:45-8:00pm SC
Wednesday                                                5:00-8:00pm SC land training and swimming
Thursday          – 5:00-7:00am LC       5:45-8:00pm SC
Friday                                                         6:00-8:00pm  land training only
Saturday          – 6:00-8:00am LC       5:45-8:00pm SC
Sunday            – 7:00-9:00am LC
Our maximum volume for session 5000m – 6000m with gears used I have done lot of back end sets as well, I know somewhere I have done wrong..
Please could you look over this details and type me when you are free..
Best regards,
Thank you,
Hi Sineth,
Thanks for your email.
To swim 100 metres under 60 seconds, swimmers need to train for front end speed of around 28 seconds with feet on the wall and then practice back end speed of around 30 to 31 seconds for the second 50m of a 100m swim.
For the front end speed your swimmers should be aiming to do dive 25’s in around 13 seconds.  To do front end 50’s is a big ask and if your swimmers can get down to 29 seconds for a 50m sprint with feet on the wall, they would be doing well. Once you freshen them up (taper) coming into the meet, they should get quicker in the front half of the race and be able to swim at high speeds without using up too much energy.
When you are doing back end sets, are your swimmers completing their 50m swims in around 31 seconds and can they repeat this at least 4 times on 60 seconds (ie. 4 x 50 on 60 holding 31 seconds for each one).

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