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Nutrition for Swimmers Review

This was the first season since our 12 year old started swimming 3 years ago that he has been competitive, so I bought and downloaded your book at www.NutritionForSwimmers.com.

He swam 5 practices a week and meets on almost every Saturday and Sunday. By following basic nutrition guidelines from your book, he NEVER once had a lack of energy at any practice or meet. He didn’t complain about the snacks that I packed for him during meets either, and he understood why he was eating what I packed for him.

He qualified for YMCA districts in 9 out of 10 individual events this year. He swims in the district swim meet next Sunday, in the 50yd back stroke, 100yd and 50yd fly at Youngstown State, Ohio.

Your book helped him so much this year it is kind of hard to explain to people how much. Thank you for this outstanding book and all the help it has given my son and added to his success this season, and many seasons to come.

Thank you, Eric


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