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New swimming coach needs help



I am just a recently new coach and have just taken over a small squad of age group swimmers. All I wanted to know was is there any resources that would set out pool rules/code of conduct in regards to attendance attitude etc?



Hi Adam,

Each coach will gradually develop their own standards and share them with the swimmers and the parents in their squad/s.

I have listed below some of the more common expectations that I have used over the years.

• Swimmers should arrive for their training session on time every time.
• Parents must arrive and collect their child from practice on time every time so that the coach does not have to wait back.
• Swimmers should arrive at each session with all their swimming equipment that they have packed!
• Swimmers should advise their coach of any non-attendance at training or a competition due to injury or illness, before the session.
• Parents and/or swimmers to communicate with the coach when your child is ill, unfit or injured.
• Parents and swimmers must provide your full support to the coaching staff at all times.
• Parents and swimmers must be polite to all venue staff at each pool your child trains in.
• Parents do not come onto pool deck during a training session to talk with the coach. Speak to the coach either before or after the session, or better still encourage your child to communicate as much as possible with the coach.
• Parents do not coach your own child at training or at a competition. This is what the swimming coach is appointed to do.
• Parents are asked to limit telephoning coaches as much as possible and never phone the coach after an afternoon / evening session workout. They need some time to themselves to focus on their own life and are often weary after a training session.
• Parents and swimmers should be proactive in their support of the Club’s committees and their efforts to assist all children in the Club.

You are also welcome to share the website link at 50 Swim Tips with parents and swimmers in your club as this will help educate them.  The eBook ’50 Swim Tips’ is free.

Another terrific resource for every swimmer is the book “Behind the Goggles“, written for 8 to 14 year olds.

Hope this helps.



The Swimming Expert

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