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Learning to Breathe in Swimming

If you have troubles breathing when you swim freestyle, you will love this short video.

Todays question is from Lisa and Lisa would like some information on breathing in freestyle.

Hi, my name’s Gary Barclay and today’s question is from Lisa. Lisa writes “Hello! I’ve just started swimming freestyle for a week, and I’m trying to improve everything. Mostly the kicking and breathing. And every time I finish doing a lap I have to stop to breathe for about 5 or 10 minutes. Is that to be expected for beginners? Sincerely Lisa.”

Well Lisa, there is no doubt that when you are learning freestyle, in fact when you learn to swim, that learning to breath is one of the most important components to learn.

So when you come to breath, the best thing to do is to hold onto the side of the pool and duck underneath the water and blow bubbles and then come back up and take one breath in and then go back down underneath the water and blow bubbles and then one breath in and repeat. See if you can do that for 60 seconds.

Once you can do this breathing drill then start doing it with your freestyle. Take a breath in and then take four strokes freestyle and then on the fourth stroke, take a breath in again and then blow bubbles (blow all your air out) for three strokes, then turn your head on the fourth stroke to take a breath in.

So what you are doing is regulating your breathing so that you blow all your air out and breath new air back in. What happens is, if you don’t blow all the air out, when you turn your head to the side to breath in, there is still a whole lot of air in your body that needs to be blown out first and by blowing out that air (when you turn your head), it doesn’t give you enough time to breath in and you don’t get a lot of oxygen because there is very little room in the lungs to take the new oxygen in.

So follow those steps Lisa and I am sure your breathing will improve very quickly.

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