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Is this Swim Club doing the right thing?


Hi, I would like to ask a couple of questions about the swim club in our town  with the rules and discrimination against older girls who have nominated to swim on the club night but then have to pull out at last moment due to (girls personal reasons) and because they pull out loose points for not swimming and have less chance of winning  the seasons swimmer . Its ok for people who have young girls they don’t have that problem .  ITS wrong but they don’t see that .

Also the Carnival in our town this weekend was suppose to be an invitational carnival for the community only now they have other clubs joining in . The club and its committee need a good shaking up. Can you recommend something we can do .

Thanks K


Hi K,

While each club has its own rules for club nights, they are fairly standardised around the world.  In every club I have worked in and visited over the years (and there have been many clubs), if a swimmer does not compete in the club night, then they do not score any points.  The only time I have seen point compensation be applied is when the swimmer is representing the club at a higher level meet and the two meets clash.  Then the swimmer is often allocated the ‘average’ points that they could earn.

In regards to girls pulling out for personal reasons, most female swimmers I know continue to train/practice and race when they have their period so it is not an issue for them.  There is a whole chapter in www.SwimmingForParents.com that is dedicated the female development and tells a wonderful story of one girl’s experience.

In regards to the carnival, it would be worth asking a committee member why the change and subsequent invitation for other clubs to join in.  Usually this happens to add more swimmers to a meet to ensure full lanes, a strong competition and a large enough break for swimmers to recover from one swim to another.  This can only lead to an increased variety of swimmers competing and a stronger, more competitive competition.


The Swimming Expert

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One Response to Is this Swim Club doing the right thing?

  1. JJ March 16, 2014 at 5:00 am #

    I agree with Gary if you dont swim then no points. Swimmers choose to not attend club night for many reasons, injured, important school functions etc. Its a difficult time for girls just one of life’s inconvenience. Missing one or two club nights is no big deal while they deal with the change, short term yeah they miss points and maybe a chance of being a club champion for one season but the big picture in sport is more important, learning skills, improving, making friends staying fit and having fun. It sounds to me this parent just wants her daughter to win and these two issues decrease the chance of that happening.

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