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How to Improve Your Freestyle Turns

How to Improve Your Freestyle Turns


Hi Gary, I am wanting some advice on turns as my 11 year old son has good times but his turns are slow for his breaststroke & freestyle.

What can he do to improve his timing into and out of the turn. Thanks heaps, Ruth


Hi Ruth, Please find below an answer to your question on freestyle turns.  I will answer the question on breaststroke turns on the breaststroke page of this website.  Many children aged 11 years can be quite slow with their freestyle turns.

Most swimmers slow down for the last 10 metres as they swim into the wall for a turn. Swimmers should practice getting faster as they approach the wall and then on the last stroke, keep their head down and as their hand enters the water, pull hard and rotate their body over their arm.  As the body somersaults the feet should come over the body onto the wall very fast.

The feet should place on the wall so that the toes point to the side of the pool, and then push off hard into a streamlined position.

The body will be on the side when the swimmer pushes off the wall and then gradually turns onto their front as they streamline and kick hard under water.

Most coaches will ask swimmers to breath on the second or third stroke as they come out of the freestyle turn and to do nice strong strokes for the first 3 strokes of the next lap.

The best drill to practice fast freestyle turns is to push off the wall and then swim 4 fast strokes freestyle and then tumble out in the middle of the pool.  This way, the swimmer can focus on the turning action without fear of hitting their feet on the wall.  As they improve with this, practice turns at the same speed swimming into a wall.

For more great tips on freestyle go to www.50SwimTips.com.

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