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Ideas to Improve Sprint Swimming


Hi Gary Yeah, what I would like to know is do you have any ideas for speed/sprint training. Regards Rob Ps. A swimmers dad


Hi Rob,

I have listed below a few basic ideas for sprint training.

A popular set that swimming coaches use is to swim repeats of 10m to 20m at maximum velocity (as fast as you can) and then swim through easy.  You may do 8 to 12 of these swims and really work on power and speed in the fast swims.

Similar sets done with a pull buoy and/or paddles will help improve strength and power.

Similar kick sets will also help improve kicking speed.

Another simple set is as follows.

Early in a practice do a set of 4 dive 15m or 25m sprints.  While your body is fresh you can practice raw speed and work on improving this.  The secret is to swim with 100% effort and correct technique.

The same set done late in a session, particularly after you have done some hard aerobic or heart rate work will assist with speed towards the end of a race.  By practicing swimming really fast when the body is fatigued is a great way of doing this.

Regards Gary

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