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Ian Popes Swimming Down Under Series

Now I am going to disclose that I know Ian Pope quite well and in fact was his roomie at the Trials when he made his first Olympic Swim Team as a coach in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics. It was a very exciting time for Ian.

I have admired Ian’s ability to work with athletes for a long time and in particular his ability to communicate effectively with the athletes in his team.

In each of Ian’s Swimming Down Under Series, he has taken everything one step further to explain to you the ins and outs of swimming for all four strokes.  Throughout the series he looks closely at body alignment, kicking and arm actions, breathing and stroke efficiency, starts, turns and finishes.

He shares the key fundamentals in each of the four strokes and utilises vision of many world and Olympic Champions including Grant Hackett (freestyle) and Matt Welsh (backstroke).  I highly recommend this series as a must have for swimming coaches and to assist swimmers to understand each of the four strokes.

Check out Ian’s Swimming Down Under Series at Championship Productions.



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