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How to Swim Freestyle Faster

Everyone would like to swim freestyle faster. In this video, Gary Barclay provides you with a number of different tips to help you swim freestyle fast.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and today I’m going to give you a tip in regards to how you can swim faster in freestyle. For more swimming freestyle tips go to Improve Your 50m Freestyle.

When you’re training or when you’re in a race, the best thing that you can do to swim a little bit faster is make sure, number one, your fingers are together. You don’t want them really tight, but you want them together so that you get plenty of space. Your hand covers plenty of space around there. The second thing is when you enter the water, enter the water without any air bubbles. And when you start pulling through, make sure you have a high elbow and pull through with a high elbow.

The most important thing, though, in freestyle if you really want to swim fast is to make sure that you move in the direction of the back of your hand. So you have the back of your hand facing in the direction that you want to go. Lastly, and most importantly, as you pull through the water in freestyle. make sure that you accelerate your hands so that your hands are going faster in the back half of the pool than the front half of your pool.

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