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How to Swim Butterfly FAST

It’s one thing to be able to swim butterfly, but another to know the secrets to swim Butterfly FAST. Listen to Gary Barclay sharing some great tips on how you can swim butterfly fast.

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Hi. I’m Gary Barclay, and I’m going to give you a few tips today in regards to swimming butterfly fast. The first tip is as always, you move in the direction of the back of your hands. So when you’re entering the butterfly, have your fingers together, enter in about shoulder-width apart, and then as you pull through the water make sure that you move in the direction of the back of your hand.

So you want your fingers pointing towards the bottom and you want your back of your hand going in the direction that you want to go. As you come through the stroke, you come through in a keyhole and push back through behind. That’s very important. One of the real keys of swimming fast butterfly, though, is accelerating your pull. So your hands get faster as it moves through the stroke.  This is very important.

They come underneath your belly button with your hands under here, and then you accelerate through to the back of the stroke and into the recovery. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to swim fast butterfly is they’ll pull through really fast, but then they’ll stop their hands down by their hips. That’s a real big no-no. You need to accelerate there, get your hands out, and bring them around the side and into the water out in front.

The last thing is make sure you’ve got your timing right. You should always kick downwards in butterfly out in front here, and also kick down as you get towards the back of the stroke. So that’s the downward big kick with your legs. Get that timing right, and your butterfly is sure to improve.

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