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How to Swim Breaststroke Fast

Gary Barclay provides some tips to help you swim Breaststroke faster. If you would like to know more about how to swim Breaststroke faster go to www.swimbreaststrokefast.com for some more tips.

Hi, I’m Gary Barclay. And I’m going to give you a couple of hints today in regards to breaststroke and how you can swim breaststroke fast.

The first one is to make sure that you get your timing right. Now that means the timing of your arms and your head with breathing. It also means your legs and your head with breathing and, of course, your arms and your legs. There’s a lot to think about there, and it’s really important that you get everything in the right order.

When you’re doing breaststroke, start with your arms out in front and your head down in-between your arms. As your hands separate to that position there, you start lifting your head up to breathe. So you’re lifting up to breathe. As you’re lifting your head up to breathe you should also be recovering your legs up . While you’re pulling hard through the water with your hands and moving forward, you want your legs to come up and recover at the same time.

The correct time to breathe is as your hands come in, that your head comes up to breathe and, also, your heels will be up at the same time in their highest position. As soon as you take that breathe, start getting your head back down. Your arms will recover quickly out in front with your head down in between your arms, and your legs will accelerate around and squeeze together at the end of the kick.

Two of the most important things in regards to swimming breaststroke fast, the first is to make sure you accelerate your hands on the recovery. The second point is to make sure that you’re accelerating your feet or make your feet go faster as they’re kicking around and coming together at the end. If you do these two things, your breaststroke is sure to improve.

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