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How to improve my second 50m in a 100m race?

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Hi Gary,

My name is Sreejith and I’m from Kerala. I’m 16 years old. My main event is 50m freestyle and my time is 26:00s and my 100m freestyle best is 1:04s. The problem for me is that no matter how hard I try my time is not coming down when I’m doing 100m.

The first 50m I finish in 27:s, in the second 50m I get tired. I do so many endurance works both in water and in land but nothing seems to work on me so could you please help me.



Hi Sreejith,

My suggestion would be to train to compete in some 200m freestyle races.  By doing these, you will get the training necessary to finish off a 100m race really well.  The additional aerobic work will help your fitness and it will then make 100m races seem short.

If you do not want to do this, try doing a set like 8 x 125m freestyle on 2min 30sec going hard in the first 100m and then sprinting the last 25m.  A set like this can be done once a week for 8 weeks and you should aim to improve your average time for the set which will help you a lot to really finish off a 100m race.

For a swimmer who goes 26.00 for a 50 freestyle, in a 100m freestyle you should be aiming for 27.0 for the first 50, feeling good and then 30.0 for the second 50 for a time of 57 seconds.  In your situation, even if you aim for 27.5 and 31.0 for a 58.5 second swim.

Let me know how you go.



The Swimming Expert

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