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How to Stop Your Feet Dragging in Freestyle?


Hi Gary,

How do I stop my legs from dragging low in the water when I’m swimming freestyle?

Thanks, Terry


Hi Terry,

This is a common question from males particularly.

A humans centre of buoyancy is in their mid chest and their centre of gravity is closer to the chest than a man’s centre of gravity, leading to a lower leg position in the water.

The attached photo demonstrates this and is quite exaggerated compared with most swimmers.

Interestingly, in the Journal of Sports Sciences: by Scott P. Mcleana and Richard N. Hinrichsa
• tested the center of buoyancy in males and females vs. their kicking rate
• found that female’s center of buoyancy was higher up on their chest than on men’s (meaning that the males have more of a pivot point than females)
• as a result, males have to kick more than females to go the same distance
• this is because the females have a better level of balance while in the water

My suggestions are to:

1. really work on your kicking to be able to kick your legs up higher near the surface

2. make sure your head is down in a streamline position and not lifted slightly (as this will also cause your legs to drop)

Give this a try and let me know how you go?



The Swimming Expert

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