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How to Stay in Shape for Swimming (with no access to a pool)


Hi my name is Kristján i’m 17 and started swimming 2 years ago and my main events are 50m and 100m, my best is 50 free wich is 26,3 sek.

I’ve been training mostly 2 times a day 6 days a week for the whole 2 years with out more than a week in rest.  And now got a summerjob were i have to go out on a ship for 23 days and then another 28 days and i’m really afraid that i’ll lose my swimming ability. There is a small gym in the ship with a treadmill, benchpress and few dumbells…. that’s all the equipment i got.

Do you have any idea how i can stay in the same shape for swimming?

Thanks Kristján


Hi Kristján,

My suggestion is to have a look at the dryland program in Swim Gym Pro.

The exercises in this program can be done anywhere and many of them are swimming specific and will help you to stay in shape and stay swimming fit.

Check out my post on Swim Gym Pro which talks about the dryland training program.

If you combine these exercises with an aerobic workout each day either on the treadmill or a bike if they have one, you will retain your fitness component.

Ideally, if it has a pool or a spa, even a really small one, if you did some upright sculling every day, this would help you to retain your feel of the water too.



The Swimming Expert

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