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How to Improve Timing in Butterfly


Hi Gary,

My daughter 13 years old swims regularly for 6 sessions for 2 hours each session. Mostly the coach gives her sprints in  freestyle to develop her speed. Her main stroke is butterfly. She does as drill once a week.

During  competitions she could not give best time in Butterfly.  For the past one year her timing is 1:30 in 100 Butterfly and 39 in 50 fly, I just want to know how to improve her timings.

Thanks BG


Hi BG,

There are three different parts of her stroke that I would recommend that your daughter focuses on to improve her timing.

1. The timing of her downward kick in relation to her arm strokes needs to be perfect.  As her hands enter the water, she should begin her first downward kick. As her hands push back past her hips, she should begin a second downward kick.

2. The timing of her breathing in relation to her arms and legs is the second key area to focus on.  As the hands push back past her hips and the second downward kick begins, her chin should be moving forward to breath and her face coming up out of the water.

3. At the end of her breath, the face should be back in the water facing down before her hands begin to enter the water out in front after the recovery.



The Swimming Expert

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