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How to Improve Backstroke Arm Speed?


Hi Gary,

How can we improve speed of our arms in backstroke because when we do fast arm movement in backstroke it is difficult for me to coordinate 6 beat kick.

Kindly help me in this regard.



Hi Zahir, I often see backstrokers that fit into one of two categories.

There are those who have an excellent feel of the water but have not yet developed the strength to pull their hands through the water fast.  They often have a very slow stroke rate and some people say that it can look like they are not trying.  Natural growth and development will help these swimmers as well as a focus on increasing their hand speed under the water through each stroke whilst maintaining the strong hold on the water.

Other swimmers may do backstroke with a high stroke rate and their hands move fast above and below the water, however they do not have any feel of the water and are unable to hold the water on their underwater arm pull and tend to slip through the water with their hands.  These swimmers need to focus on improving their feel and hold on the water.

In regards to the coordination of the backstroke arms and leg kick, try kicking upward with your left foot as your right arm enters the water overhead and then complete three kicks so that the 4th kick is when your right foot kicks up as your left hand enters the water.  This way you will do 6 kicks from the time your right hand enters the water up until your right hand enters the water again.  Let me know with a comment below if this helps?



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