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How to do the Breaststroke arms outsweep?


Hi Gary,

In the breaststroke, should the elbows stay locked until the arms reach the “Y” point of the out sweep?

Looking forward to your advice,

Howard (UK)


Hi Howard,

Yes, I believe they should. Too many swimmers bend their elbows at the beginning of the breaststroke out sweep and this leaves the back of their hands pointing towards each other.

Remember that in swimming you primarily move in the direction of the back of your hand.  By bending the elbow early in the pull, there is no forward movement gained from the out sweep.

Begin the stroke with the elbows locked and the hand angled slightly at the wrist so that the back of the hand points slightly forward, then as you part the arms to a point just wider than the shoulders, the swimmer will get good forward momentum.



The Swimming Expert

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