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How to do Butterfly Kick


Hi Gary,

I would like to know a couple of exercises for my butterfly kick and the easiest possible ways out of water and in! Is that possible?

Thanks Jade


Hi Jade,

The best way to learn butterfly kick is in the water.  Your legs will start together and your toes will be pointed away from the body.  As your body undulates through the water, your hips will press down, and your legs will follow downwards.  Your knees will then bend slightly.  As your hips begin to rise, your knees will straighten as your feet quick downward in a fast action.  Your legs and feet will then follow the upward movement of your hips in preparation for another downward kick, and so on.

The best drills are to begin doing some butterfly (dolphin) kick on your back so that your face is out of the water and just focus on the movement of your hips, legs and feet.

Another great drill is to do dolphin kick on your front, with your hands beside your legs and push off underwater doing the dolphin movement.  Because you have water above and below you, this drill enables you to feel the water of your hips, legs and feet and fully understand what they are doing. This is my favourite with swimmers who are learning butterfly kick.

One further drill is to do butterfly kick on your side so that your hips, legs and feet are pressing from side to side, with plenty of water to displace.

Practicing dolphin kick both with and without fins (flippers) will assist you to develop the butterfly kick more quickly.

Hope this helps Jade,



The Swimming Expert

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One Response to How to do Butterfly Kick

  1. Jade December 29, 2012 at 6:05 am #

    Thanks Gary I will try those and I hope it helps.
    Thanks for your opinion! You have been a great help to me.

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