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How to Catch the Water When Swimming Butterfly

Gary Barclay explains how to catch the water when swimming butterfly.

Hi. I’m Gary Barclay and today I’m going to talk to you about one of the common problems in butterfly. This particular problem is in relation to the arm stroke, and when the hands are underneath the water many swimmers get a good catch. But then they start sliding their hands outwards and sliding their hands back inwards and miss a very important part of the propulsion forwards.

It’s really important that when you’re in this position that you get over and you move in the direction of the back of your hand. So you keep your fingertips down, always finding fresh water with your hands as you pull through, and push back behind you. So a really big tip here, don’t let your hands slide around in butterfly. Make sure you’re always catching the water with your hands so as they come through, catch the water and push down through.

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