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How to avoid muscle weakness at the end of a swimming race


With hello and respect to Gary. I hope you are alright . i am Mobin and 15 years old from Iran. I’m follow a both sport as a professional. Alpine skiing and swimming

Please guide me.  i have a Questions about my swimming.

My last records are as follow:

-in 50 m frog swimming is 38 s

-in 100 m freestyle swimming is 1 min 8 s

I was swimming faster than another swimmers about 2 meters but in second part of 100m freestyle suddenly i felt  sever muscle weakness.

Please guide me.what shall I do.

Mobin movahedi


Hi Mobin,

My suggestion is to work on the back-end of your 100m freestyle event.  This means that you need to work a bit more on your fitness and practice hard repeats when you are fatigued.

For example you might do a set in practice of 8 x 100m freestyle on 2 minutes going 50m solid and then 50m hard.  Train your body to be able to perform in the second half of each race.

If you work through this with your coach, and practice strong and hard swimming in the second half of each repeat you do, over a period of a couple of months you will gradually eliminate the severe muscle weakness that you experienced.



The Swimming Expert

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