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Are 6 two hour sessions too much for a 9 year old swimmer?


Hello my dear,

I have a son. My son is 9 years. He is good swimmer.

I have a question of you.  Due to his age, my son several times a week to swim practice.

His coach says: 6 sessions of 2 hours a week to practice.  It is not too much for him to practice?

Please guide me



Hi TA,

To be honest, while 6 x 2 hour sessions is a lot for a 9 year old, there are many 9 year olds around the world who train this often.

I personally think it is too much at 9 years of age and would rather see sessions of 1 or ½ hours for children of this age.

Some coaches have a belief that this (6 x 2hr) is the right amount of training to do at this age and argue that if 50% of the time is spent on technique and skill development then it is very beneficial for the child (which it would be).  The key would be to maintain the child’s interest for that long.

My suggestion is to talk to the coach to find out the reasons they would like your child to do this much and then move forward from there. Most coaches have a really good understanding of what is required for each individual swimmer they are coaching.



The Swimming Expert

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