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Hi, my daughter is 7 in November 2012. We think she may have the ability to be a competitive swimmer when she is a little older if she is still enjoying swimming the way she is now (she is very keen to). How do we go about this? Where is a good place to start? Any pointers gratefully received.

She is physically strong and is tall for her age.  She has been in swimming lessons for a number of years and has progressed very quickly. She has received many compliments from experienced teachers about her ability.

In the last 6 months her stroke and speed in freestyle and backstroke has taken off.  Her father and I enjoy sports including swimming but for recreational purposes.

She loves swimming and says that she would like to go to more classes and continue to improve.  We live south east Melbourne.

Thank you. L


Hi L,

You are very fortunate that you have a daughter who loves swimming so much at such a young age.

The best way to start (and sorry for the self-promotion) would be to read a copy of www.SwimmingForParents.com.  This book will provide you with so much information on how to assist your daughter over the coming years and is a book that you can read over and over again as your daughter moves through different ages.

The key for your daughter at this age is to work on her technique and skills as a priority.  The technique she develops in the next 4 years will stay with her the rest of her life.  If she can develop sound racing skills, including correct starts and turns in each stroke and for the individual medley she will be off to a great start.

When she turns 7 it may be worth her progressing into a little mini squad that swims twice a week for one hour and provides an introduction to competitions.  Without seeing her swim though her teacher / junior squad coach would be in the best position determine the correct timing for this next step.



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