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Freestyle Technique – Head Position

Gary Barclay explains the correct head position when swimming freestyle.

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Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and today we’re going to have a look at the freestyle head position.

Now it’s one of the most common problems in swimming, a poor head position in freestyle.

So if you swim with a head position that is a little bit too high, you’re looking too far forward, then your hips and your legs will drop, and the water will hit you at the back of your body and slow you down.

If you swim with a head position that’s too low, your head will bury down in the water, and the water will hit your head, and that will slow you down, too, from the resistance.

So the best thing to do with your head position is to get your head nice and streamlined with the rest of your body and with your eyes looking downward and slightly forward. This will give you the best opportunity to swim fast in freestyle.

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