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Freestyle Technique – Correct Hand Entry

Gary Barclay explains the correct hand entry when swimming freestyle and why it is so important to get the entry right.

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Hi, I’m Gary Barclay, and we’re going to have a look at the hand entry in freestyle.

Now one of the most common problems that many swimmers have with freestyle is when they enter, they enter in thumbs first, in that position there. Now when you enter in that position, it puts a lot of pressure on your shoulder in here. So it’s really important that you flatten your hand out a little bit and enter in that way, and that takes all the pressure off the shoulder. If a swimmer swims like this for a long period of time, maybe over a couple of seasons, you can end up with very sore shoulders and shoulder injuries.

So in regards to freestyle entry, make sure that you enter in with your palm flat and spear into the water so that you take no air bubbles.

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