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Freestyle Stroke Correction


Hi Gary,

I am wondering if you can help me out with my freestyle stroke?

Something is going on with it which has slowed my 800m time from a 9:12 to a 9:29 (twice) – over a period of a month. I am 13yrs old.

I have attached a link to a short movie of my stroke.

Thank you very much for any tips or advice you may have from watching the movie. I really enjoy your teaching videos etc.

Regards,   PH


Hi PH,

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your freestyle.

1. As your left hand enters the water, your head should be turned to the right side to take a breath. You turn your head too late to breath (well after your left finger tips enter the water) which means that your head also goes back to a streamlined position late too. Your head is still breathing after your right hand has recovered past it.

2. It also appears that you lift your head a touch before breathing and turn your head off centre to the right to take your breath. This throws your body out of alignment.

For more hints I suggest you and your parents download the free ebook www.50SwimTips.com which will help you with some more freestyle tips and tips for the other strokes.



The Swimming Expert

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