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Flip Turns and Breathing


Hi Gary! I had a question on flip turns.  Whenever I do my flip turns, I seem to run out of breath very quickly–I always have to breathe before the flags after I push off the wall.

How can I go further and should I take a breath right before I flip?

Thank you, Wendy


Hi Wendy, Many swimmers struggle to hold their breath when they come out of a flip turn.

If you are doing a freestyle turn, I would suggesting breathing on the second last stroke before the turn and then breath again on the second stroke out of the turn.  To get this right, you can practice it going at a moderate speed and just doing one or two fly kicks out of the turn.  Gradually increase the number of fly kicks you do out of the turn until you are going well past the flags.  It is important to hold your breath and blow out air slowly every time you practice a turn as the more often you do this, the better you will get.

When you are doing a backstroke turn, take a breath on the last stroke as you turn onto your front and then hold your breath or blow out slowly as you turn and do your butterfly kicks underwater when you push off on your back.  Once again practicing these turns over and over again and doing them correctly as far underwater as you can will help you to improve greatly over time.



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