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Fear of Water


Dear sirs,   I have a question about swimming.   My name is Linda, I’m 36 years old.

I tried to learn swimming few times in my life but I always have one problem while learning. I can float in the water, I can hold my breath under the water for a long time and I can do all the moves my instructors ask me to do because I work out, but the only issue I face is I must grap the edge of the pool or the instructor’s arms or hands when I’m inside the water, I do not know why I get so scared if I do not grap something.

I’m so frustrated and disappointed because in my whole life and career I never get so scared like this.  I’m so determined and I do not want give up.

Can you please advise me? I will really appriciate it.   Thanks Linda


Hi Linda, Well done on your determination to keep swimming and overcome your fear.

Swimming is a lot of fun however it is not unusual for adult swimmers (and children for that matter) to have some fears when they are learning to swim.

In regards to your need to grap hold of something when you are in the water, I believe you need to gradually move away from the edge or your instructor, even just for 1 second, then build to 2 seconds, 3 seconds and onwards until you are able to move in the water without feeling the need to grap hold of someone or something.

If you have an swim instructor with you, you are safe and need to relax when you are doing this so that your body doesn’t tense up. The instructor will assist you if you need help.

The water is a funny medium and it takes time to get used to that feeling of moving around in the water without touching or holding anything.  The more time you spend in the water, the more comfortable you will feel in it and this will help you to overcome your fear.

Please let me know how you go Linda over the coming weeks.



The Swimming Expert


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