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Effortless Freestyle


Today I received my Effortless Freestyle pack and I’ve just finished watching the DVD.

I am impressed with the contents of the DVD because by watching it and then focusing on the different drills in the water, swimmers of all ages will improve their freestyle technique and skills.

In Effortless Freestyle, Coach Brenton Ford provides hundreds of hints and tips that will assist you to improve your freestyle arm strokes, kicking, breathing, body position, head position and timing.

There are a heap of skills demonstrated from above the water and below the water, which helps you to see exactly what you should be doing.

The program is ideal for junior and age group swimmers, masters, triathletes and recreational swimmers.  You can practice each of the drills and skills in your daily swimming program.

I selected the Individual Pack however there are three different packs to choose from.  The pack I received included the DVD, a video analysis checklist, drill cards to remind me how to do each drill, a swim cap and gear bag.

As many of you know, I am a fan of Brenton’s and his quality educational products.

Check out Effortless Freestyle today.

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