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Educating Swimming Parents

There are so many different topics that swimming parents need to understand to help them to support the swimmer in their family. The second edition of Swimming for Parents will assist every swimming parent to provide the necessary support to help your child to be the best swimmer that they can be.

Being a parent isn’t easy. We receive no formal training and often learn from experience.

Raising a child who wants to swim competitively can be extra hard because there are so many other things to take into account around swim training and competitions.

Each swimmer will develop at a different rate and often the strong well developed 12 or 13 year old will be passed by a later developing child as they get older.  What is important to understand is that each swimmer should always be working to improve their own technique, skills and fitness and aiming to transfer these improvements into faster times in races at swim meets.  Every swimmer wants to swim a PB every time they compete however as we know, this is not always possible.  There can be many reasons for a poor performance on one meet followed by a great performance just a week later.  Reasons for a poor performance may include a lack of sleep in the lead up to the swim meet, not eating the right foods

Swimming parents are a critical support to young swimmers, particularly in the areas of transport, food, drink and emotional support. It is important to remember that swimming is a sport that your child chooses do. Your role is to love your child regardless of performance. Let the coach work with your child in regards to good and poor performances and you provide the unconditional love.

While Swimming for Parents will assist each parent greatly, my new book Behind the Goggles is now available for children aged 8 to 14 years.

Behind the Goggles is the ultimate book for children who love to swim.  Written in an easy to read style and targeted to help 8 to 14 year olds, the book is designed with terrific cartoons, tips and swimming quotes, to help every swimmer to be the best that they can be!

The book will help children to train, practise and compete at a high level in swimming.  The more they learn about swimming, the more they will understand what their coach is talking about and the easier it will be for them to improve.  There are also sections on developing a healthy body, learning many life skills and having lots of fun with your swimming friends.

Written by The Swimming Expert, Gary Barclay, Behind the Goggles is the culmination of 40 years’ experience as a swimmer and swimming coach and puts together all the key information every swimmer should know.

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